Serving Info

Commonly asked questions:

- We arrive at the location 2-3 hours before serving time to prepare the food.

- The buffet is available for 2 1/2 hours after the selected serving time. - It is suggested that the host tell the guests when the serving of the food starts.

- Serving time can not be adjusted based on number of guests present at the designated serving time.

All food is prepared for serving time.  We suggest that 70-80% of the guests are present at serving time.

- The remaining food is transferred to disposable pans and placed on the buffet.

- Serving utensils will be removed when we leave, the host should provide replacement utensils.

- Any food that is a possible source of bacteria will be discarded.

- The length of the buffet requires 24 feet or 3-8 foot tables.

- The prices listed include the preparation of the food, and maintenance of the buffet.

- We are not responsible for clearing off tables, or party area.


- Butler service is recommended - we suggest Great Gatherings for servers, bartenders, bussers and clean-up crew. This will enable you to be a guest at your own party!

- Before contacting Great Gatherings, please consult with John Humbles at Bradley's Lunch and Catering (412 269-1211) to help determine how many servers or bartenders may be needed for your party. Fax 412-741-0847

Great Gatherings: Contact Tammy McQuaid at 724-266-8920 and tell her Bradley sent you!