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My name is John Humbles, I am the owner of Bradley's Lunch and Catering. I have been continuing the family catering tradition since 1989.   My grandmother, Christine Bradley began our family's catering service in the village of Sewickley, and did so for over 60 years.   She was more of an upscale caterer and was well known in the communities surrounding Pittsburgh.   However, I have changed the type of service and food we provide through our catering service. Over the past 19 years my family has perfected the art of barbecuing. We now specialize in barbecues, pig roasts, and our famous ribs.   We still are primarily a family business with my daughters, Karly and Baleigh performing and  managing  their own parties.

We are well known for our on-site cooking.   We do not transport and reheat previously cooked food. The majority of the food is prepared at the party. This provides the host and guests with the assurance that their food is prepared properly, as they can watch as we prepare all the meats and sides in front of them. The only food prepared beforehand are the cold salads. Our set-up includes the grill, prep table, portable cookers,   as well as a water tank in order to wash our hands. The business is licensed through the Allegheny County Health Department and we successfully meet their guidelines for proper food preparation.   Our Photo page will give you a more in depth look at our mobile grills. In addition, we offer a buffet set up complete with canopies and buffet tables for any outdoor occasion. We also do outdoor grilling for indoor occasions.

Give us a call and we will bring our mobile kitchen to your party so you are guaranteed the highest quality of food.

Any questions or comments please call (412) 269-1211 and ask for John

Sincerely Yours,

John Humbles &   family