Information Sheet

  Price is set for____________ people.

If the number changes, the price may change


Name _________________________________________

Home Address___________________________________


State, Zip__________________________________________

Phone# Work _______________________________

Cell# __________________________________________

Home Phone# ____________________________________

Type of Affair ____________________________________

Function Location ________________________________

Date __________________________________________

Serving Time __________________________________

Signature _______________________________________

Items included in Barbecue:

Barbecue Pit, Lighter Fluid, Charcoal and Chafing Dishes

Bradley's offers Buffet canopies and buffet tables for an additional charge of $250.00. There is also an additional charge for Butler service.

Deposit received ____________________

Bradley's Lunch & Catering 112 Broadway Street Coraopolis PA 15108

Phone# (412-269 1211)

Fax# (412-741-0847)